We have made initial contact with the pilot who says the owner is ready to sell, they plan to list it with Premier Aviation. 

Aircraft Information:

Beechcraft  1984

King Air 300 FA-18


1//2018 times & cycles : TT 8772.1           LE TSN 8663.2        RE TSN 8554.1

                                   TCSN 8008                   CSN  7633               CSN   7616

                                                                                 CSO 1834                  CSO   1834                 

                                                                               CSHS   544                CSHS      29

                                                                               TSO    2454.2                TSO  2454.2

                                                                              TSHS  670.1                 TSHS    32.4


Seven (7) passenger cabin with Belted Lav with two removable jumpseats

Enclosed Lavatory

Refreshment Center

A frame cabinets w/12 volts and Hot Plate

Frakes Exhaust Stacks

Hot Brakes

Re Painted 2005

Interior Refurbished 3/5/2004


Garmin G1000


Synthetic Vision

Integrated Collins DME

Garmin G1000 Avionics Package     

Comms            Dual Garmin GIA 63W with 8.33 and 16 watt Transmitter           

Navs    Dual Garmin GIA 63W with FM Immunity 

Audio  Dual Garmin GMA 1347D with PLT, CPLT & PASS         

Autopilot         Garmin GFC 700       

Flight Director Dual Garmin GFC-700          

EFIS    Garmin G-1000 with PLT,CPLT Dual 10.4” LCD Display  

Multifunction Display Garmin G-1000 with 15” LCD Display and Engine Indication       

Radar  Garmin GWX-70       

Transponders  Dual Garmin GTX-33 with Mode S  

Traffic Avoidanc       SKYWATCH  SKY-497 integrated to G-1000 displays          

GPS     Dual Garmin GIA 63W with WAAS LPV approach

Electronic Charts        Garmin Safe Taxi & FliteCharts       

EGPWS           Garmin Class B with Obstacles         

AHRS  Dual Garmin GRS-77

Air Data          Dual Garmin GDC-74B         

D-Link Weather         Dual Garmin GDC-74B         

Music  Garmin GDL-69A XM Radio displayed on MFD     

Engine Indication       Garmin GEA 71 Engine/Airframe Interface

Standard Eight Passenger configuration with

belted potty and two place divan.