2006 TBM 850 SN 350

Aircraft Identification

Model: SOCATA TBM-850

Year of Manufacture: 2006

Serial #: 350

Registration #: N850LL 

Airframe: 1798 TT

Key Features


8.33 channel spacing

Terrain Awareness & Warning System

Emergency Locator Transmitter

Dual Heated Windshields

Freon Air Conditioning

Airport Information

APA - KAPA - Centennial Airport
Denver - CO - United States

Airframe Total Time(AFTT): 1,739

Interior Details

Number of Passengers: 6

Air Conditioning: Yes; General: Platinum edition leather interior; Sidewalls: Leather upper sidepanels, alcantra upholstery & leather lower sidepanels; Carpet: Gray carpeting, carpet runner; Accessories: Individual vents & lights, reel up 3-points safety belts, chrome metallic finishing; Seating: Gray leather high-comfort seating w/adjustable backrests & folding armrests, fully-adjustable crew seats; Refreshment Equipment: Lower storage cabinet w/cooler; Cabinetry/Woodwork: Wooden retractable working table;

Exterior Details

General: Anti-corrosion protection treatment; Colors: White upper, black lower w/gray & red stripes;

Maintenance Details  

Weights/Capacity: WEIGHTS (lbs.): EMPTY 4698, RAMP 7430, PAYLOAD 1333. FUEL CAPACITY: 282 U.S. gallons.; Notes: AVEX service center maintained. All logbooks.;

Airframe Maintenance Program : Unknown

Airframe Maintenance Tracking Program : Unknown

Certification : RVSM

Equipment Details  

Lights: Pulselites anti-collision strobes, navigation, taxi & landing, ice detector; General: Hartzell 4-blade feathering/reversible electric props, known ice, de-ice boots, forward & aft 14-volt DC outlets, cabin ventilation, metal structure & skin paneling, electrical pre-select flaps w/integrated track & dissymmetry detector, bank control through ailerons & spoilers w/LS aileron trim, retractable gear w/electro hydraulic control, hydraulic disc brakes, cabin & baggage compartment, access door w/retractable stairway, forward & aft storage compartments (not pressurized) w/external doors, emergency exit, aft fuselage servicing door, tie-down attachments, jacking points, painting & decoration, high-speed pneumatic de-icing equipment, easy maintenance access doors; Electrical starter/generator, oil cooler, inertial separation anti-icing air inlet, dual exhaust, cowling servicing doors, lead acid battery, 28-volt starter generator, auxiliary generator, high safety electrical power center for regulation & switching, circuit breakers, ground power plug receptacle, ground clearance energy saver, sound proofing, thermal insulation, supplementary oxygen system, baggage compartment w/straps & net;

Addl Cockpit Equipment Details  

General: King KMD-850 multi-function display, WX uplink, chronometer, full copilot instruments, KVG-350 symbol generator, altitude preselector, Garmin GI-106 VOR/ILS indicator, Garmin GMA-340 audio panel w/music input, marker beacon, standby vacuum artificial horizon, Shadin digital fuel flow system, ETM-700 engine trend monitor, air data computer pneumatic altimeter, vertical speed indicator, airspeed indicator, electrical artificial horizon, L3 trilogy, trend monitoring, dual controls; Integral instrument panel w/locations for airspeed & vertical speed indicators, sensitive altimeter, electrical T&B indicator, magnetic compass, digital chronometer, gas generator & prop tachometers, fuel management panel, data computer, oil pressure & torque indicators, turbine temperature & OAT indicators, landing gear control & monitoring panel, flaps & trim position indicators (elevator, rudder & ailerons), voltmeter & ammeter, electric generator control & monitoring, instrument panel lighting, advisory panel w/master caution, master & aural warnings, environment & pressurization control system, airframe de-icing control, stall warning, alternate static & alternate ram air source control; Crew Accessories: Dual Bose X headsets, stereo w/noise attenuators, dual map reading tablets, RS control-wheel w/electric pitch & rudder trims, sunvisors, 4-point safety belts w/quick release, dual toe brakes, parking brake;

Specifications subject to verification by purchaser.