The reality of private aviation is that while very few aircraft owners start out with a turbine aircraft many will eventually end up owning one. There are many reason why owing a turbine aircraft is safer and more rewarding than owning a piston powered airplane, but we'll save that for another day.

The advice I'll provide in this blog is directly aimed at turbine aircraft, mainly because that is what we do... business jets. To find out more about what we do, email

The reason for this blog is simple, everyone takes a risk when purchasing an aircraft. The risk get much bigger when purchasing a turbine aircraft and the complexity changes. It is our goal to provide turbine aircraft buyers with access to information that has not to this point been readily available.

There's also the matter of finding the right aircraft and when as much as 93% of the turbine aircraft market is not advertised!  One noticeable difference between piston aircraft and turbine aircraft are the owners, most small airplanes are owner flown and the aircraft is a personal possession. While in the turbine world the aircraft is usually an asset, owned by a company and very often flown by a professional pilot. This difference means that most turbine aircraft are available for sale under the right circumstances. That's where an acquisition agent can be of tremendous value. We have access to detailed information about turbine aircraft and it's owners. In fact we have access to a database that has information about every turbine aircraft in the world.

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