There's a lot of confusion about the difference between a broker and a buyer's rep, the aircraft broker typically represents the seller, or in some cases themselves. The buyer's rep works for the buyer, we are paid by the buyer on a flat fee basis and our loyalty is to the buyer. There's nothing wrong with being an aircraft broker, in fact I was one for over 15 years. One of the things I learned is that there is a definite need for a buyer's rep, someone to represent the buyer in an aircraft transaction.

The ability to get to know our clients and build a close relationship with them, understanding their needs and desires in an aircraft, allows us to go out and find the perfect aircraft for them. It's very different than just trying to sell them something because it happens to be what we have in inventory. 

At Jet Acquisitions, one of our greatest strengths is finding off market aircraft. Typically, 92% of the airplanes of a particular make and model are not advertised for sale, each of those airplane sis usually available as the owner is already considering his next upgrade. As buyer's reps we have access to information about these aircraft that is not available to the general public, allowing us to present this airplanes to our client before they ever make it to a website like Controller or ASO. If you'd like to know more about this or the many other benefits of using someone to assist with your next aircraft purchase, you can email me