King Air C90GT



LJ-1795 - Deal Pending - $1,450,000.00

LJ-1795 is listed with West Coast aircraft, Jon Euren is a friend and a good guy to do business with. The original ask was $1,595,000.00 needing HOTS. They lowered the price and put the aircraft down for HOTS and quickly got a deal on it. He will let me know if it falls through for any reason. 


LJ-1783 - Available - $1,495,000.00

LJ-1783 is listed with East Coast Jet, Mark Connell has been around for a long time, butted heads with him a few times back in my Learjet sales days, I think he's fairly trustworthy. The aircraft has Brazilian history and has lived in Florida for the last two years. Of course if we decide to pursue C90's I'll do our due dilligence on it. 


LJ-1831 - Deal pending - $,1575,000.00 

LJ-1831 is litsed with Wetzel Aviation, Pat Searle, also a friend, also a good guy to do business with. They do have a deal on the airplane and he feels pretty certain it will go through. He will keep us updated and also says he will be bringing a C90B -135A with G1000 to market soon.