Management Scope

The scope of the aircraft management services will include oversight of the aircraft's operation, maintenance and pilot services. The management company will be responsible for the specific actions detailed below, with safe and legal operation of the aircraft being of utmost importance. The management company will work closely with owner's primary pilot and involve him in the management process allowing the owner the option of smoothly transitioning to a pilot managed strategy.    

Contract Pilot Scheduling 

The management company will be responsible for scheduling contract pilot services for the owner, using approved, competent, *professional pilots. The management company will maintain a priority list of pilots that considers the owner's preference for pilots as well as managing the individual pilots to insure that the owner's flight experience is optimized. 

*The industry is experiencing a pilot shortage, the ability to get acceptable pilots can be an issue. The length of notice before a trip can greatly effect our success in getting the desired pilot for a particular flight.   

Maintenance Oversight

The cost effective maintenance of the aircraft is not only critical to safe and legal flight, it is the area where the team at Jet Acquisitions is able to save our management clients money. The maintenance of a King Air is not overly complex, but there are many critical items and time / cycle limited items that must be tracked. There are also a plethora of options when it comes to having King Air maintenance done, we've been operating and managing King Airs for over 15 years and know the strengths and weakness of many of the popular maintenance facilities. More importantly we know where to NOT take your aircraft for maintenance. 

We are the only call you'll need to make should you find yourself in an AOG situation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have King Air maintenance experts that are capable of diagnosing a mechanical issue over the phone and able to instruct the on-site mechanic so that we can get you airborne again. 

Management Services include; 

  • Structure FAR Part 91 flight department compliance
  • Professional consulting services and advisement
  • Scheduling aircraft, crew members, and concierge services
  • Insurance coverage, liability protection, fleet policy discounts
  • Preferred Maintenance facilities
  • Compliance of maintenance inspections
  • Maintain logbooks and aircraft records
  • Avionics subscriptions and database updates
  • Manage and negotiate fuel purchasing, contract discount rates
  • Price control and sourcing of parts
  • Detailed cost analysis statements for shared ownership
  • Quarterly onsite visits to asses and evaluate performance
Management Fee

Billed monthly