I didn't call your airplane anything... but if you're not careful...

In a recent article entitled "Artificial Market Stimulation" I warned of the danger of contacting aircraft brokers about airplanes, and how they may be tempted to start their own search for an airplane to sell YOU... read the article here  if you are not careful the same thing can happen in reverse to the aircraft you currently own. 

All that one needs to do an airplane deal is a customer or an airplane. If a broker discovers that an airplane is available for sale and no one else knows about it, there is an opportunity to make a sale. It's as simple as calling other brokers to see if someone has a customer who will buy the airplane. In the industry this is known as an aircraft being shopped around.


How does this happen you ask?

The most common way that an aircraft gets spread around is that you contact a broker or dealer about an aircraft they have listed on a website such as Controller or ASO and tell them about your current airplane so they can give you a "trade" number, but the reality is that once they have shared the information it is out there. Even if you do not tell him anything about your aircraft the broker can still locate it by using your name and searching databases such as JetNet or Amstat.


Is there really any harm?


Yes, there is.


Through this process your aircraft is being presented to prospective buyers, the price quoted may be extremely low in an effort to gain interest, the details and specifications may be old and outdated. The potential buyer may ask questions about the aircraft and then become frustrated with the lack of responsiveness, because there's three people between you (the seller) and him (the buyer) in which case he will likely decide against the aircraft and keep looking. A short time later, you advertise the aircraft for sale with a broker of your choosing, the prospect sees the ad but remembering the negative experience he ignores it.

To successfully and quickly sell or trade your aircraft you MUST avoid it being spread around, we highly recommend listing the aircraft with a reputable company and letting them develop the best strategy for selling your airplane, it may be to keep it "off market" but all of the brokers will know they have the listing and the temptation to shop it around will be minimized.

Until you are ready to list your aircraft we can contact brokers / sellers on your behalf about any aircraft you are interested in and forward the information to you. Your name and contact information remains confidential so we eliminate the risk of your airplane getting shopped around. 

TIP: An Aircraft Broker isn't doing any of the things mentioned here to harm you, he is just trying to put a deal together. Remember, he doesn't work for you.

Chip Mclure